Thursday, January 15, 2015

Introducing Creative Wisdom

A couple of days after the New Year, I was visiting my cousin Lauren and her girls.  We started talking about how we love the process of discovering wisdom.  This is the same process as unlearning all of the blocks that we have to being in a direct relationship with our inherent, sane, wise, and kind selves.  We began to talk about how much we enjoy playing with art.  We talked about a shared desire to connect deeply with wise women.  Our modern world can make us feel very disconnected at times.  We talked about our desire to share what we have learned.  And that's when our company, Creative Wisdom was born.  Please check out our website:

And feel free to read my first blog post for it below.  (P.S.  That beautiful mess is my actual desk.)
I am so excited to be bringing this group to life with my cousin Lauren!  The two of us have had such a good time brainstorming, sharing wisdom, and discovering our shared intentions.  We both have the intuition that surprising and beautiful things will emerge from this endeavor.  This is my first contribution to our blog and I wanted to say something about the 5 components of our manifesto.

·         We believe that women are inherently creative.  Every moment we are choosing how we will respond to life.  We are choosing what to eat, what to wear, what to think, what to say, how to act, what to pay attention to, and who we are.  These choices eventually compose our lives.  Moment by moment we are creating the world we live in.  I find this to be so empowering.  It must be important to choose wisely.  The use of journals and intention setting has been hugely beneficial as I create a life for myself that I can deeply love.  I can’t wait to share this with more women.

·         Which brings me to my second point.  I’m just a woman with specific strengths, weaknesses, fears, and dreams.  I am not here to give you advice.  I am here to show up as fully and authentically as I can.  I am here to listen to you as you give your gifts and wisdom to the world.  I am here to learn from you.  Diversity is welcomed and celebrated.

·          This idea would never have gotten off the ground were it not for the support of my wise girlfriends (including the amazing Lauren).  I feel like women’s wisdom is an unlimited (and largely untapped) resource.  I am so glad to be able to use my skills as a connectress to introduce cool people to cool people.  There is power in recognizing our shared sisterhood.

·         We believe that fun is not optional.  When we are playful, celebrating, and relaxing, we are open to some of our very best ideas.   When we have fun and take risks we get to let go of all of the “shoulds” that can take over our lives.  It is so important to make the time for doing what you love.

·         Finally, I could not be happier to be teaching our first class in my home.  I feel so fortunate to have my own space.  I am grateful to share this gift by inviting like-minded women to share in the sacred process of play, processing, eating, and making art.  We promise you will come away feeling nourished in body and soul.

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