Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Rising Sun

As the year draws to a close, we feel the pull to reflect on our lives.  We look backwards at a past that has shaped our present and forward to an unknown future.  Is it possible for us to view that future with a spirit of genuine optimism?  I believe it is essential.
Trungpa Rinpoche taught that you can look at the sun and see it as either rising or setting.  Seeing the sun as rising helps us to take advantage of our lives in the fullest way.  It recognizes everything as an opportunity.  When we think the sun is rising, we wake up. We feel alive.
This view is not based on delusion or force.  Seeing clearly is important.  As is creating with gentleness and ease.  I'm not encouraging anyone to "look on the bright side."  I don't want to talk myself into achieving a certain state of mind.  Instead I want to focus on aligning with the moment until I actually feel good.  I don't coerce my life.
That said, I believe a little intention goes a long way.  I believe the world needs us to water our hopes and dreams.  I believe the rising sun sings a song of hope and I try to listen to it.
Some of my hopes for the new year are as follows:
I hope I have many daring and fun adventures.
I hope I spend time with myself everyday.
I hope I deepen my existing friendships, meet new people who inspire me, and allow the people in my life to pleasantly surprise me.
I hope I keep my commitment to write.  I hope it is always honest.
I hope I eat many, many delicious and healthy meals.
I hope that sometimes (just sometimes) I don't eat chocolate.
I hope I continue to sit in daily meditation.
I hope I greet the events of the coming year with kindness, warmth, and a sense of humor.
'Dwell in possibility.' -Emily Dickinson

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